We are an interdisciplinary team with a passion for a critical socio-legal perspective of geographies. We offer a medium for collaboration and a safe space for social and academic exchange to enable initiatives in favor of universal equality in space and in legislation.

In fundamentally patriarchal societies, All groups in the society except able-bodied, rich, white, men, suffer various kinds of violence with no social and legal protection. In the face of power structures and systems of domination, the majority of the society remains forgotten and considered second-class citizens. Launched on Women’s day, 2021, First Degree Citizens (FDC) emerges at the crossroads of feminism, legislations, sociology, and space to address the blind spot of this intersection in research development, and policies.

FDC is a free and independent project that aims to dismantle the inequalities faced by the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in societies from a critical socio-legal lens of and on spaces. Starting with Berlin, Cairo, Tunis and Paris as pilot cases, FDC interrogates culture, legislations and space from a social geography standpoint. 

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